Monday, 6 July 2009

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This summary page (unmonitored) links to my various sites. It is my Library.
Now retired from University work, my interests and expertise are varied, but focus generally around the idea of motivating and empowering people. I engage with my original studies, in Old Testament Studies, in world religions, multicultural issues, children's literature,  Education Studies, steam railways, plants and gardens amongst others.

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My publications and CV, many with full-text links. Click here

General Blog 
: Stephen F Bigger - Author Click here.

Living Contradiction - Click here

Malcolm Saville Archive - materials relating to the life and works of the children's writer Malcolm Saville Click here

Tour our garden:  - pictorial record of our garden, our main source of exercise, which opens to the public occasionally and so aims to be 'tidy' one weekend every two years. Click here.
Photographs of the garden across a whole year, on

1930-1960: history and literature written in this period, or relating to it. There is an emphasis on literature for children. Click here.

Southern Railway Photographs up to 1930s - and

Creating the Old Testament:   My PhD 45 years ago was in Old Testament Studies. This blog takes a critical look at the Bible.  You can still buy my Creating the Old Testament also (Basil Blackwell, 1989). Click here.

Ancient Hebrew Marriage and Family - my PhD upgraded (work in progress, 2017).

Fiction4Children - thoughts on a range of children's literature ancient and modern. Click here.